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Welcome at the website of Cattery Rinnaci.

We are a small cattery located in West-Flanders, near Bruges, Belgium.

We are specialized on breeding solid blue,lilac, chocolate,cinnamon, fawn,cream and now and then we have British shorthair kittens in tortie or bicolour.

In our cattery we solely breed with cats that are being tested negative for HCM and PKD.
The PKD tests are being performed by a DNA lab in Australia. The HCM Tests are being followed-up by an approved radiologist Ingrid Putcuyps annually.

We solely breed with healthy animals with beautiful bloodlines. With this we hope to deliver our contribution to an improvement of this beautiful breed.
Sometimes we have a litter of kittens which grow up in our living room.

Cattery Rinacci is recognized and registered with the FOD department of the Belgian Federal Government.

Our cattery is registered under the FIFè system and we are a member of Felis Belgica.